Cassie Miller

Director of Sparklers/Instructor/Choreographer

My journey into dance started back when I was a very shy first grader. Mindy Bates Dryden had a class at our school, in Riley, as part of the summer program. I immediately fell in love. I grew up at Bates Dance Studios taking classes in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and modern.  I was one of the first members of the Gems dancers and later a member of Pride.  Dance quickly became my passion. I love to be able to express myself through movement and music. The emotions expressed through dance amaze me. Performing for the enjoyment of others is a skill I take great pride in.

My parents have inspired me to dance and teach every day. I am so grateful that they took the time to drive me from Riley to class two, four, or even more days a week. Through their support and encouragement they have helped me to achieve my dreams, which were to keep on dancing.

I started teaching for Bates in 2013. The love of teaching gives me the ability to share my passion with others. Nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing the kids' faces light up during a dance class. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to share my passion with the next generation. My goal is to have fun and upbeat classes with lots of energy and positive reinforcement.

In my spare time when I am not in the studio or at my job at Hy-vee, I bake and take care of my dog and two cats.