Fall/Spring Schedule 2018-19

Classes begin Monday, September 10th, 2018. All classes meet once per week.

Each class is $35 per month or $126 per semester. There is an additional $15 registration fee.

The semester rate shown is a 10% discount. If a student takes more than one class, or you have more than one child taking class, then all additional classes receive a 15% discount. The first class is not discounted.

(Schedule is subject to change)


4:30-5:10pm: Cheer/Pom Pom (ages 8 & up) *New Class
5:15-5:55pm: Hip Hop (ages 8 & up) 
6:00-6:40pm: Adv/Int Ballet/Lyrical (ages 12 & up)
6:45-7:25pm: Adv/Int Jazz (ages 12 & up)
7:30-8:00pm: Adv/Int Tap (ages 12 & up)


5:00-5:40pm: Pre-Dance (ballet and tap for ages 4 & 5) - 3 spots left
5:45-6:25pm: Beg/Int Ballet (ages 9-12)
6:30-7:10pm: Beg/Int Jazz (ages 9-12)
7:15-7:45pm: Beg/Int Tap (ages 9-12)


4:00-4:25pm: Tots Tumbling (ages 4 & 5) $25 a month, no semester discount
4:30-5:10pm: Adv Pre-Dance (ballet and tap for ages 5-7)
5:15-5:55pm: Beg Combo (ballet, jazz, and tap for ages 6-8) *Previous experience preferred
6:00-6:40pm: Adv Combo (ballet, jazz, and tap for ages 8-10) *Previous experience preferred
6:45-7:25pm: Adult (Oct. 3rd-24th) $35.00 no registration fee. The class will decide between Ballet, Jazz and Tap
6:45-7:25pm:  Beg Combo (ballet, jazz, and tap for ages 8-10)


4:30-5:10pm: Pre-dance (ballet, creative movement, and tumbling for ages 3 & 4)
5:15-5:55pm: Baton Twirling (ages 7 & up) *New Class
6:00-6:40pm: Tumbling I (ages 6-12)
6:45-7:25pm: Tumbling II (ages 8-12)