Fall/Spring Schedule 2018-2019

Classes began the week of August 27th-30th. Enrollment is now closed, except for a few select classes. We take all enrollment online. All classes meet ONCE per week. There are two semesters. Classes end in April with a big recital on the McCain Auditorium stage. 

All ages/grades mentioned in the schedule are simply an estimate, we believe skill level is more important than age, but that there is a maturity level taken into account, as well.

Fall 2018-2019 Pricing Monthly (8 pmnts) Semester (2 pmnts)

3 yr old class & Pointe

$30 $108

Pre-dance & adv. pre-dance

$38 $136.80

Combo & adv combo

$45 $162

40 minute classes

$40 $144

55 minute classes

$50 $180

75 minute classes

$65 $234
90 minute class $72 $259.20

There is a $15 registration fee per student (maximum of $30 per family). The semester rate shown is a 10% discount. If a student takes more than one class, or you have more than one child taking class, then the most expensive class is at the regular price and all additional classes receive a 15% discount.

(Schedule is subject to change)


Studio A

4:30-5:10pm: Adv Pre-Dance (ages 5-6)
5:15-6:10pm: Lyrical (ages 12 and up) *must be enrolled in ballet
6:15-6:55pm: Hip Hop (ages 6-7)
7:00-8:15pm: Int Ballet (7th grade & up) *Instructor permission required
8:15-8:45pm: Beg/Int Pointe *must be enrolled in ballet
8:45-9:40pm: Int Jazz (7th grade & up) *Instructor permission required 

Studio B

4:45-5:10pm: 3 yr old Class (ballet and creative movement)
5:15-5:55pm: Pre-Dance (ages 4-5)
6:00-6:55pm: Combo (ages 6-7)
7:00-7:55pm: AdvBeg/Int Ballet (7th grade & up)

8:00-8:45pm: Adult Ballet (6 week session for $50 total, January 21st-February 25th)

Studio C

5:15-6:10pm: Combo (ages 6-7)
6:15-6:40pm: 3-5 yr old Class (ballet and creative movement) *NEW - Session is January 7th-April 22nd, NO class March 11th
7:00-7:40pm: Tumbling (ages 5-6)
8:00-8:55pm: AdvBeg/Int Jazz (7th grade & up)


Studio A

4:30-5:25pm: Adv Beg Ballet (5th & 6th grade) 
5:30-6:10pm: Adv Beg Jazz (5th & 6th grade)
6:15-7:10pm: Adv Lyrical *Instructor permission required

Studio B

4:30-5:25pm: Adv Combo (ages 7-8)
5:30-5:55pm: 3 yr old Class (ballet and creative movement)
6:15-6:55pm: Adv Beg Tap (5th & 6th grade)
7:00-7:40pm: Adv Pre-Dance (ages 5-6)
7:45-8:25pm: Hip Hop (ages 8-10)
8:45-9:25pm: Hip Hop (ages 11 & up)

Studio C

4:45-5:10pm: 3 yr old Class (ballet and creative movement)
5:15-5:55pm: Tumbling (ages 7-8)
6:00-6:55pm: Tumbling (ages 11 & up)
7:15-9:15pm: Pride Technique *Selected students from auditions only


Studio A

4:30-5:10pm: Pre-Dance (ages 4-5) 
5:15-5:55pm: Beg Ballet (3rd-5th grade)
6:15-7:45pm: Adv Ballet *Instructor permission required
7:45-8:15pm: Int/Adv Pointe *Instructor permission required 
8:15-9:10pm: Adv Jazz *Instructor permission required

Studio B

4:30-5:10pm: Adv Pre-Dance (ages 5-6)
5:30-6:10pm: Adv Tap *Instructor permission required 

6:15-6:45pm: Adult Tap (6 week session for $36 total, January 23rd-February 27th)
6:45-7:25pm: Beg Jazz (3rd-5th grade)
7:30-8:10pm: Beg Ballet (3rd-5th grade)

Studio C

4:30-5:10pm: Tumbling (ages 9-10)
5:15-5:55pm: Adult Hip Hop (6 week session for $50 total, November 7th-December 19th: No class November 21st)
6:00-6:40pm: Beg Tap (3rd-5th grade)
6:45-7:25pm: Beg Jazz (3rd-5th grade)
7:30-9:15pm: Gems Technique *Selected students from auditions only


Studio A

4:30-5:25pm: Combo (ages 6-7)
5:30-6:45pm: Sparklers Technique  *Selected students from auditions only
6:45-7:40pm: AdvBeg/Int Ballet (6th-8th grade)
7:45-8:25pm: AdvBeg/Int Tap (6th-8th grade)
8:30-9:25pm: AdvBeg/Int Jazz (6th-8th grade)

Studio B

4:45-5:25pm: Hip Hop/Funk (ages 4-5)
5:30-6:10pm: Pre-Dance (ages 4-5)
6:15-6:55pm: Pre-Dance (ages 4-5)
7:00-7:40pm: Baton Twirling (ages 6 & up)

Studio C

4:30-5:25pm: Adv Combo (ages 7-8)
5:30-6:15pm: Sparklers Technique (combine in Studio A at 6:15) *Selected students from auditions only
6:15-6:55pm: Adv Pre-Dance (ages 5-6)
7:00-7:55pm: Adv Combo (ages 7-8)
8:15-9:10pm: Contemporary (6th-12th grade) *Instructor permission required