Manhattan Recitals

The annual recitals are the BIG SHOW at the end of our dance year, which is the dancers' big moment to showcase what they have learned in class all year for their family and friends. Each class will perform in one recital. 


Friday, April 21st, 2023

This recital will be at McCain Auditorium at 7:00 pm. Classes performing in this recital are listed below.

Monday 5:00 lyrical class
Monday 6:00 tap class
Monday 6:40 ballet class
Monday 7:00 ballet class
Monday 8:00 jazz classes
Tuesday 6:15 lyrical class
Tuesday 7:15 tumbling class
Tuesday 8:30 hip hop class
Wednesday 5:30 adv tap class
Wednesday 6:15 adv ballet class
Wednesday 7:45 pointe class
Wednesday 8:15 adv jazz class
Thursday 6:45 ballet class
Thursday 7:45 tap class
Thursday 8:00 contemporary class
Thursday 8:30 jazz class
Gems group dances
Pride group dances

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023

We will have 2 recitals at McCain Auditorium on the 22nd. Classes performing in these recitals are listed below. There is a show at 5:00 pm & a different show at 7:00 pm.

5:00 pm Show
All 3 year old classes
3-5 year old class
All pre-dance classes
All advanced pre-dance classes
Monday 7:00 tumbling class
Sparklers group dances

7:00 pm Show
All combo classes
All advanced combo classes
Monday 4:30 lyrical class
Monday 6:15 hip hop class
Tuesday 4:30 ballet classes
Tuesday 4:45 tumbling class
Tuesday 5:30 tumbling class
Tuesday 5:30 jazz classes
Tuesday 6:15 tap class
Tuesday 7:45 hip hop class
Wednesday 4:30 tumbling class
Wednesday 5:15 ballet class
Wednesday 6:00 tap class
Wednesday 6:45 ballet class
Wednesday 6:45 jazz class
Wednesday 7:30 jazz class
Sparklers group dances
Gems group dances
Pride group dances