Class Descriptions

Bates Dance Studios

Please refer to our schedule for class times and closings!

3 Year Old Class/Creative Movement

This class is for 3 year olds wanting to get into dance class. They will learn basic ballet moves along with creative movement and body awareness.


This class is offered as an introduction to dance for 4 & 5 year olds. They will learn the basics of jazz, tap, ballet, rhythm and basic movements. 

Advanced Pre-dance

This class is for 5 and 6 year old students who have already had pre-dance class for a year. They will progress with their jazz, ballet and tap knowledge.

Combo Class

This class includes tap, ballet and jazz. It is for students of kindergarten age through second grade who have had at least one year of tap and ballet. 


This class is for students age 5 through high school. They will learn basic through advanced tumbling skills on mats depending on their individual level. 


We consider Ballet the basis for all dance and the most important technique to master. These classes will include barre exercises for warm-ups and technique development, center work for basic steps, turns, leaps and combinations. Ballet classes are especially good for gymnasts, swimmers, skaters, twirlers or models. We have several different levels.


Students will learn the basic steps of hip-hop, several combinations, and dances. No previous dance experience is necessary. Our youngest class starts at age 5 for hip hop.


This form of dance is very popular with all age groups. The classes include stretching, basic jazz techniques, turns, leaps, floor work, progressions across the floor, and combinations in the center to work on picking up choreography. We have several different levels to take.


Classes in tap include beginning steps through very advanced techniques. Tap is an excellent way to develop rhythmic skills and coordination. 


This beautiful type of dance combines elements of ballet and jazz. Available only for middle school and high school age students.


This dance form is for more advanced ballet students. Classes for beginning pointe to advanced studies are taught. When starting pointe, it is recommended that the students are in sixth grade or 12 years of age with several years of ballet experience and the consent of the instructor.


Pom Class

Pom class will be an energetic and dynamic dance class that emphasizes precise and synchronized arm movements, formations, jumps, and skills. Dancers hold poms (small, colorful pom-poms) in their hands for routines at times and will get the opportunity to learn with poms from time to time. The choreography in pom dance is typically fast-paced, visually appealing, and filled with high-energy movements. It combines elements from jazz and hip-hop dance, integrating techniques like kicks, turns, leaps, and isolations. Clean arm motions, sharp formations, and seamless transitions are key components of successful pom routines.

Adult Class

Beginner/Intermediate class for adults. This class will run in 6 week sessions. Our class schedule will have the most updated information about dates for these sessions.